Home Sweet Home!

Your home is your castle. There’s no place like home. Home is where the heart is. Just a few sayings associated with home. What is the saying associated with your home? You can absolutely control how people see your home and what they say about it. D.I.Y. Color Confidence gives you the information to choose colors for your home that will help them feel the way you want them to; and help you to love the space you live in. Go to my book page now to read how others have used D.I.Y. Color Confidence to beautify their homes. StandingFrontOpenBOOK_w_Amazon_Sticker

At Redecorating by Rena our goal is to showcase the absolute best parts of your home. Our goal is to minimize the areas that are questionable – we all have them – and to highlight your home’s beauty – we all have them, too.

The team at Redecorating by Rena will work collaboratively with you to create a home you will love to return home to; and hate to leave. To accomplish that, we will focus first on what you already own. We will rediscover the beauty of your hidden treasures and showcase them for you in our design. We will endeavor to use as many of your existing pieces before recommending new ones. We recognize the importance of incorporating pieces that you hold dear into our overall design.

Your satisfaction is our goal. Our goal is to bring your vision for your home into reality. We will use our expertise and the tested design elements and principles to create a custom interior you and your family will love and enjoy for many years.